Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein
Director, Torah Umesorah Publications
A very positive addition to the world of Jewish children's literature
... a wonderful resource ... a remarkable endeavour
Rabbi Nochem Kaplan,
Director, Merkos L'Inyonei Chinuch

(Central Organization for Jewish Education)

An excellent educational tool
Rabbi Aharon Feldman
Rosh Yeshiva,  Ner Israel Rabbinical College 
Make[s] the learning of daf yomi...an activity in which the whole family can share
Jonathan Rosenblum,
Mishpacha Magazine (Dec. 24, 2013)

55+ Pages a Month*

*Except Issue 1

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*First issue 48 pages 

At over 55 pages per month, Daf Yomi 4 Kids is the largest regular all-Torah publication in the English speaking world.

Daf Yomi 4 Kids is the largest monthly Jewish children's publication in the English speaking world. 

Designed for children 6 to 14, each double sided page of Daf Yomi 4 Kids corresponds to the daf (Talmud folio) being studied in Daf Yomi, the daily Talmud study program.

Filled with colorful illustrations, kid friendly 

summaries, stories, games and more, Daf Yomi 4 Kids has been a hit with children and educators alike! 

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